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Cosmetic injections:

Cosmetic Botox is the number one aesthetic procedure as it is quick, effective and requires no downtime. Botox is injected into specific muscles of the face in order to relax them and smooth the overlying skin, resulting in a reduction of lines and wrinkles.
Results last 3-4 months • Cost $9 per unit

Therapeutic Botox can be used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) which is covered by many private insurance plans.
Results last 6-12 months • Costs $250 injection fee if covered by insurance.

Dermal Fillers:

Aging, repetitive facial movements and sun damage all contribute to the deepening of facial folds and volume loss. Using the most advanced and effective injectable agents, dermal fillers are used to restore lost facial volume by softening facial creases, reducing shallow contours and plumpling thin lips.
Results last 6-12 months • Costs $300+

Soft-Lift Packages:

A soft-lift treatment is a combination of Botox and fillers performed in a single treatment session for global facial restoration.
• Mini-lift (Botox 50 units + 2 syringes of fillers) $1,400
• Level 1 (Botox 60 units + 4 syringes of fillers) $2,400
• Level 2 (Botox 80 units + 6 syringes of fillers) $3,400


Belkyra is a Health Canada approved injectable treatment for the reduction of submental fat (double chin). Two to six treatments may be required for your desired results.
Results should be permanent • Costs $1,200+


BLatisse is a topical treatment that results in longer, darker and fuller lashes. It is the first and only prescription treatment approved by Health Canada
Cost $200 for 5ml

Medical Facials:

Using medical grade skincare products and chemical peels, this anti-aging treatment is individually tailored to address your specific areas of concern. Each treatment for your skin type and issue such as acne, rosacea and hyperpigmintation. Let’s make your skin glow again!
Single session - $149
Package of 3 - $399
Package of 6 - $749

Medical Grade Skin Care


Our full line of medical grade skin care by AlumierMD provides higher concentrations of active ingredients to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin where elastin and collagen are produced and contained. AlumierMD skincare is based on clean science. Their products deliver exceptional results, all while being free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum, mineral oil, dyes and fragrances.
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